Industrial Hygiene Services

Asbestos,  Lead-Based Paint, and Hazardous Materials Management for Compliance, Redevelopment, or Renovation/Demolition Purposes:

  • Commercial and Residential Surveys
  • AHERA Surveys for Private and Public Schools
  • Abatement Specifications and Management Plans
  • Air Monitoring During Abatement
  • TCLP Sampling for Lead Waste Characterization for Demolition

Occupational Consulting:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Consulting
  • Occupational Regulatory Compliance Evaluations
  • Work Place Exposure Monitoring – Metals, Solvents, Silica/Respirable Dust, Alcohols, Carbon Monoxide, Pesticides, and Cyanide

FiringRangeEvaluations for Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • Lead Exposure Monitoring during Shooting Activities
  • Ventilation / Air Flow Studies
  • Lead Contamination Studies – Wipe Sampling

Consulting for Naturally Occurring Asbestos on Construction Sites:

  • Development of Work Plans and Worker Training Programs
  • Development of Respiratory Protection Plans
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Environmental and Work Practice Monitoring During Construction Activities

Occupational Noise Evaluations:

  • Evaluation of Work Activities/Exposures
  • Evaluation of Administrative/Engineering Controls
  • Noise Level Monitoring
  • Development of Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Hearing Conservation Training

Ergonomics Evaluations:

  • Review of Job Tasks and Personnel Interviews
  • Observations of Personnel Performing Job Tasks
  • Collection of Field Measurements

Laboratory Safety:

  • Exhaust/Ventilation System Evaluation
  • Air Velocity/Air Flow Testing
  • Respirable Particulate Monitoring
  • Cyanide Testing
  • Bio-Safety Cabinet Testing
  • Microtrap/Air Filtration Evaluations

Radiological Studies:

  • Records Review
  • Status / Scanning Surveys for Fixed and Removable Contamination
  • Collection of Swipe and/or Smear Samples